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Explore our exclusive promotions, including invigorating running and calming yoga programs, designed to enhance your overall well-being. Join us for rejuvenation and find harmony in mind and body at Essence Premium Spa & Wellness center.

Running Club

Morning run with Marko
Every Tuesday & Thursday at 7am

Start your day with a morning run through the city and get to know some of the Belgrade’s attractions

Dress sporty and meet up in front of the hotel entrance at 6:55am

Reservation required the day before till 8pm | Joining Fee 10 EUR

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Running club with Essence Spa Manager

Indoor Yoga

Every Wednesday & Friday at 7am

Enjoy yoga with our certified Yoga instructor. Connect deeply with your breath, body, and environment. Strengthen your body and awareness through gentle movement from your toes to the crown of your head. Relax and tune in to your true self.

Reservation required the day before till 8pm | Joining Fee 25 EUR. Time can be changed depending on venues availability.

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Indoor yoga with licensed instructor at Hilton

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